Motor Homes Class C

Class C motor homes are campers that are built into a traditional van or truck body and frame.

Class C motor homes look like a van or truck from the front while being similar to a transfer truck from the rear. Class C motor homes are very popular with campers who are often on the go, moving from one destination to another.

Many Class C campers love the simplicity of pulling into a campsite and being able to set up (or leave) quickly. Another big advantage is being able to access the living space of the camper while in transit.

Many Class C campers offer slides for greater interior space, as well as the signature cab-over sleeping area.

Another advantage to Class C campers is their ability to tow an additional vehicle such as a boat or car. This can be an added plus for the camper who is planning side trips while on the road.

Regardless of tow vehicle type or family size, your Coastal RV representative will guide you through all of your options and help you discover the perfect motor home for your camping experience!

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