Pop Up Campers in Virginia

Pop-up campers are the ultimate "grab and go" campers. Ideal for towing with most vehicle sizes and camping in all types of destinations.

Pop-up campers are smaller camping units that are nearly a 50/50 blend of camper and tent. Due to the nature of their retractable design, pop-ups (aka folding campers) have less surface area exposed when towing, hence less wind resistance. Once you reach your destination you merely crank up the roof area, pull out the bed ends and your almost ready to camp!

Typically pop-ups do not offer a toilet area, however they do have freshwater tanks and hot water heaters. Once again, this may mean more flexibility when selecting a camp site or less dependence on hook-ups.

Regardless of tow vehicle type or family size, your Coastal RV representative will guide you through all of your options and help you discover the perfect pop-up camper for your camping experience!

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